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Our Core Values
  • Good2U is a festival for cutting edge electronic music. We strive to provide a beautiful, exciting and high-quality experi­ence with good vibes for everyone.
  • We want all our guests to feel comfor­table and free. Regard­less of race, ethni­city, age, gender, religion, sexual orien­ta­tion, gender identity, gender expres­sion, disabi­lity, look, economic status and other diverse backgrounds.
  • We do not tolerate sexism, racism, colou­rism, queer­phobia and trans­phobia or hosti­lity, fascism, antise­mi­tism, islamo­phobia, age discri­mi­na­tion, ableism and other forms of discri­mi­na­tion.
  • Mindful­ness, consent and compas­sion are essen­tial ingre­di­ents in creating an inclu­sive and harmo­nious environ­ment.
  • Our security team is experi­enced in Berlin’s multi­faceted night­life. They share our values and are thoroughly briefed.
  • Our staff and dedicated aware­ness team will be available to assist and support you in any case and at all times.
  • If you share the same values, we could be the perfect match
Get a ticket 
  • Camping is included in every ticket
  • Can’t pay your ticket all up front? Split­ting it into monthly install­ments is possible, visit out Ticket­shop and check our payment options

Get involved 

  • Volun­teer, help out and be a part of the team during and around the festival-weekend
  • Send us an appli­ca­tion here
  • Questions? Mail us: volunteers@good2u.de

Get creative 

  • We have space for workshops, exhibi­tions, perfor­mances and more. Apply with your art, craft, skill or whatever it is
  • Send us your concept to artsandideas@good2u.de
Camping & Facili­ties


  • Included in every festival ticket:
  • Idyllic campsite amidst tall, beautiful birch trees. 
  • Lots of shade — don’t worry about waking up in boiling heat.
  • Walk straight from your tent to the dance­f­loor — every­thing’s just a minute apart.


  • No more porta-potties: proper and well-maintained sanitary facili­ties for everyone!
  • Clean indoor showers: start your morning (or night) fresh as a daisy.
  • Designated FLINTA* toilets & showers

*Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Trans and Agender

Getting there

By train

  • Reach Good2U easy and environ­men­tally friendly via train!
  • 3h from Leipzig — 2.5h from Berlin — 2h from Dresden
  • Our train stop Görlitz-Weinhübel is only a 5 minute walk away
  • The German-wide D‑Ticket covers the whole trip

By car

  • There are no official parking areas nearby
  • Parking on the street to the location is strictly prohi­bited due to safety reasons
  • The closest public parking space in town is a 20 minute walk away
  • Please contact us if you have to come by car due to physical or health-related reasons


    We care deeply about our planet and our future – our aim is to minimize our carbon footprint and impact on the environ­ment.

    Part of our measures include:

    • No genera­tors – eco-friendly electri­city through a local utility company
    • Avoiding single-use plastics wherever possible
    • Working with regional suppliers wherever possible
    • Almost all of our artists travel by public trans­por­ta­tion
    • More info here
    Aware­ness & Inclu­sion

    At Good2U, we want to make sure that all visitors feel comfor­table and experi­ence respectful treat­ment. With our Aware­ness Team and their dedicated headquar­ters, we aim to create an environ­ment where everyone who shares our values feels welcome.

    • Acces­si­bi­lity
      Although the venue may not be fully acces­sible, we want to ensure that people with limited mobility can also parti­ci­pate in the festival. We will provide special access points and assis­tance to make the festival as barrier-free as possible. Our Aware­ness Team will be available to help and provide infor­ma­tion as needed. If you have any questions in advance, feel free to contact us at awareness@good2u.de.
    • Sensi­tiza­tion
      Our diverse Aware­ness Team is trained prior to the festival to be sensi­tive to your needs. We will address topics such as inclu­sion, racism, respect, sexism, drug and alcohol consump­tion, and respon­si­bi­lity. This ensures that the festival is a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.
    • Commu­ni­ca­tion and Visibi­lity
      We will place visible signs around the venue to indicate the location of the headquar­ters. It will be easily acces­sible, offering help, infor­ma­tion, and support to anyone in need. The Aware­ness Team itself will wear easily recognizable vests.
    • Preven­tion of Sexual Harass­ment
      There is zero tolerance for sexual harass­ment. No means no. We place great importance on aware­ness and enfor­cing clear bounda­ries. Our Aware­ness Team and security personnel are trained to respond appro­pria­tely to reports or incidents and offer support to those affected. We encou­rage everyone to be vigilant and report inappro­priate behavior.
    • Emergency Code
      In the event of harass­ment or any other emergency, you can approach any of our staff members at any time. By using the phrase “Is Penelope working today?”, you don’t have to explain further. We will immedia­tely remove you from the situa­tion and take you to a safe place.
    • Viola­tion of Rules
      Viola­ting our rules can result in immediate expul­sion from our festival.
      Good2U Festival stands for good vibes and positive energy. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assis­tance, do not hesitate to approach our Aware­ness Team. We are here to help you and create an unfor­gettable festival experi­ence together.

    Good2U Festival stands for good vibes and positive energy. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assis­tance, do not hesitate to approach our Aware­ness Team. We are here to help you and create an unfor­gettable festival experi­ence together.

    Low Income Ticket
    • We want to make sure that everyone can parti­ci­pate in Good2U, regard­less of their economic status. If volun­tee­ring isn’t an option for you and you can’t afford the ticket, please contact us at awareness@good2u.de with your full name.
    • Tickets will be raffled to ensure the fairest possible distri­bu­tion.
      A total of 35 tickets will be available. 25 tickets will be raffled off now, and an additional 10 tickets will be raffled off closer to the festival for those who missed the first deadline. You can only enter one of the two draws.
    • We will be accep­ting requests until 8pm on 12 May and will get back to everyone shortly after­wards.
    • The ticket price is 120€ + fees.

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    More Infor­ma­tion

    Video: David & Chiara
    Music: Amy Dabbs

    Graphic Design: Alexander Papoli-Barawati