Festival for Electronic Music




Good2Know - our core values
  • Good2U is a festival for cutting edge electronic music. We strive to provide a beautiful, exciting and high-quality experience with good vibes for everyone.
  • We want all our guests to feel comfortable and free. Regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, look, economic status and other diverse backgrounds.
  • We do not tolerate sexism, racism, queerphobia and transphobia or hostility, fascism, antisemitism, islamophobia, age discrimination, ableism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Mindfulness, consent and compassion are essential ingredients in creating an inclusive and harmonious environment.
  • Our security team is experienced in Berlin’s multifaceted nightlife. They share our values and are thoroughly briefed.
  • Our staff and dedicated awareness team will be available to assist and support you in any case and at all times.
  • If you share the same values, we could be the perfect match
Lost & Found
  • If you’ve misplaced something during the festival, head over to our Info Kiosk for assistance.
  • If it’s not there or you are already at home: just reach out to lost@good2u.de. Our team will diligently search and get back to you as soon as possible. We’ve got your back!

Get a ticket 

  • Camping is included in every ticket
  • Can’t pay your ticket all up front? Splitting it into monthly installments is possible, visit out Ticketshop and check our payment
  • Low income tickets will be available at a later date

Get involved 

Get creative 

  • There’s room for workshops, exhibitions, performances and more 
  • Apply with your art, craft, skills or whatever it is
  • Contact us at: artandideas@good2u.de
Getting there

By train

  • Reach Good2U easy and environmentally friendly via train!
  • 3h from Leipzig – 2,5h from Berlin – 2h from Dresden
  • Our train stop Görlitz-Weinhübel is only a 5 minute walk away
  • The German-wide 49€-ticket covers the whole trip

By car

  • There are no official parking areas directly near the festival site 
  • The closest public parking space in town is a 20-25 minute walk away
  • Please contact us if you have to come by car due to physical or health-related reasons
    Check-In & Out


    • Doors open: friday 18.08.2023, 12PM
    • Latest checkout: monday 21.08.2023 3PM
    • 10€ trash deposit to be paid in cash


        • Against current trends in the industry, our goal is not to include big names and headliners for the sake of it, but to have a harmonious, hand-picked, diverse mix of artists that we believe in and that fit the overall musical concept.
        • Check the lineup on our instagram or here
        • Timetable will be released on 25.07.
        • The first set will start friday afternoon, closing will end monday around noon
        • There will be short breaks after the last set each morning/noon, offering time to rest and re-energize
            Camping, facilities & accommodation


            • Camping is included in every festival ticket.
            • Idyllic campsite amid tall, beautiful birch trees. 
            • Lots of shade – don’t worry about waking up in boiling heat.


            • No more porta-potties: proper and well maintained sanitary facilities for everyone!
            • Clean indoor showers: start your morning (or night) fresh as a daisy.
            • Designated FLINTA toilets & showers


            • Former garages converted into cozy GDR inspired bungalows or ready made adventure-style tents
            • Different sizes available
            • Lockable, with power outlets and bedsheets
            Cash & Payment


            For your convenience, we offer cashless payment by card at every bar, the kiosk, and the majority of our food stations. No need to worry about carrying cash – simply tap and go!

            However, if you do need an ATM, the nearest one is just a short 15-minute walk away at Friedrich-Engels-Straße 14, 02827 Görlitz.

                Drinks & Water


                • Multiple bars with dedicated, experienced staff and barkeepers 
                • Bringing your own drinks to the festival and to the stages is allowed 
                • Glass bottles are not allowed anywhere
                • We believe that access to drinking water is a universal human right and you will be able to get it for free at various spots and at the bars.
                    Food & Shopping


                    • A couple of hand-picked food stalls offering delicious vegan options
                    • We hope to offer something for every dietary requirement 
                    • There will be a small kiosk near the campsite, offering a very basic selection of goods
                    • The closest supermarket is a 15 minute walk away
                        Party like a pro


                        • Be Good2Urself. Know your limits and don’t push your body to extremes
                        • Always prioritize rest, sleep and hydration. Allow for quiet moments as well.
                          • Please be mindful of smartphone use and taking photos. Do not invade others’ privacy.
                          • Consent should never be assumed or taken for granted. YES means YES – but accept a NO as well
                          • Keep an eye on your friends and others, don’t be silent or look away if something happens
                          • Should you feel uncomfortable or witness anything, the security and  dedicated awareness team are there for you.
                          • We are guests on the grounds and have to leave them as we found them. Please take care of your trash, glasses and bottles and keep sanitary areas clean
                          • Graffiti or any vandalism will lead to a ban and possible charges.


                          We care deeply about our planet and our future – our aim is to minimize our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

                          Part of our measures include:

                          • No generators – eco-friendly electricity through a local utility company
                          • No single-use plastics at all
                          • Working with regional suppliers wherever possible
                          • Almost all of our artists travel by public transportation
                          • More info here